An apartment in Rome


So here we are, in our apartment in Rome. We’re not in a fancy area, or the famous and romantic (apparently, we have yet to visit) Trastevere, or very close to anything. We’re in Primavalle, an area that distinguishes itself by not having anything to distinguish itself with. But it is full of normal, Italian life, and that’s what we wanted.

The apartment is as expected small, but not outrageously so, and we have a decent-sized dining room/ kitchen, a separate living room, and in addition to our blissfully air-conditioned bedroom, there is a mezzanine bedroom that is useful for drying clothes when the rack in the laundry in the tower is full.

We’re in a small, three storey apartment building, in a street full of slightly large 4-5 storey apartment buildings, surrounded by many more streets full of 4-5 storey apartment buildings. Outside our door, about 100 yards up the road, you can find, in order of proximity, a bar (bar/café), a pizza place, two dentists, a bar/gelateria where locals sit with gelatos in the evening, the small piazza or square where the locals congregate, a women’s clothing store, a busy sports bar, hardware store, pharmacy, tobacconist/magazine shop, a pizza/deli place, a pasticceria (pastry shop), a deli with good cheeses and artisan pastas, and a supermarket, amongst a few others.

Across the busy road from the supermarket there is a park, full of pine trees and dry long grass, with a view of St Peter’s Dome in the distance. We keep meaning to head over in the evening, when the sun is at the right angle, and take some photos. We’ve never quite got there yet, despite walking past it every day on our way to and from the metro.


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  1. Che bello!
    Ho guardato sul google.
    Voi avete metro Battistini vicino… comodo per raggiungere il centro.
    tanti saluti dalla Slovenia,

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