Eight things you can do on a Vespa


This morning, walking down Via Pineta Sacchetti to do some shopping, there was the usual noise. Lots of tiny cars, being driven very fast. Though unusually, no sirens this morning. And of course, lots of Vespas.

It is amazing how much life can be conducted while riding on a Vespa:

  1. Picking noses
  2. Romance (with pillion passengers)
  3. Arguments (with both passengers and passers-by)
  4. The usual Italian gesticulations when having a conversation
  5. Whistling happily
  6. Taking your pet out for a jaunt (the dog sitting happily between the driver’s feet)
  7. Talking on a cellphone, and
  8. Texting on a Galaxy Note (or something of similar size), whilst riding handsfree

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