No pets, no kids, no mortgage, and latterly, no jobs.  So when life gives you lemons, what else is there to do, but head for Italy, and turn lemons into limoncello?

But wait, I hear you saying.  “Aren’t you supposed to make lemons into lemonade? ”  Yes, you’re right.  But lemonade seems to be a little bit mundane.  A bit flat.  Pedestrian.  Lacking pizzazz.  Limoncello, though.  Delicious!  And that’s what we’re looking for –  la dolce vita.

We’ll be stopping at some places on the way there and back, and will document our travels, efforts and failures in speaking Italian, discoveries and disappointments, and maybe even thoughts about the future.  Because the future will bring us home eventually..

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  2. Ciao- I am moving from Minnesota, United States to Primavalle Rome at the end of this month. My husband will be playing professional basketball there which is why we are relocating. Looking for a good kindergaten for my son in the area. Happy I found your blog for some good travel and food ideas!

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